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Fairchild Hall, Room 202
September, 27, 2001


Delores Takemoto, Barbara Newhouse, Tony Crawford, Tom Schellhardt, Doug Elcock, David Hillier, Kay Garett, Virgil Wallentine, Virginia Moxley (for Carol Kellett), Harvard Townsend, Jane Rowlett, Jean Darbyshire, John Streeter, Laura Littrell, Dean Zollman, Gail Simmonds (via video conferencing)


Gary Leitnaker, Ruth Dyer, Cheryl Strecker, Chad Johnson, Don Foster

Tom Schellhardt opened the meeting at 1:15 p.m.


  • Dean Terry King has accepted membership as Dean's representative replacing Carol Kellett effective November 2001.

  • A new council chair will also be appointed in November. Tom Schellhardt has chaired the council for five years.

  • Portal Task Force update. Jane Rowlett indicated that the university portal task force had its first meeting. She indicated that the charge of the task force is to select the portal software for the university and to develop an implementation plan. Nine staff members from KSU attended a Higher Education Portal Seminar in San Diego last July. The seminar was sponsored by converge magazine and EDUCAUSE.

  • Code Red Activity. Townsend indicated that since July, so called "worms" have been invading KSU. Right now things are pretty calm. Wallentine indicated he thought there was a need for a full-time security administrator position. Townsend agreed that there was need for such a position.

Discussion of Academic Year 2001-2002 Initiatives

  • Web-site Accessibility Committee. Janelle Corkill will chair this committee. IRMC will most likely be called on to review policy regarding this issue.

  • Policies related to the development of the Integrated Information Initiative (III). All of the efforts with III will impact IRMC. Dave Hillier will be keeping us informed about this project.


Committee Reports


E-Commerce Committee-Barbara Newhouse indicated that her committee did not meet this summer.
Appropriate Use Committee-

Harv distributed a draft policy and white paper on wireless network. He outlined some of the related issues. This draft policy/white paper will go to the Appropriate Use committee for discussion and further development. The AU committee will present a draft policy to IRMC for review and approval. The question was raised as to whether the long term goal was to have a wireless campus. If so, many departments will not have the funds to operate such a system through CNS. Harv indicated that problems arise if these systems are independently installed in that not all systems are compatible. Students will be informed via a web site of the wireless specifications. Security is another problem that must be addressed. This will also require an authentication policy be developed.

Harv indicated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPAA) requires that we protect health related information associated with an individual. The Act outlines what we have to do to protect individuals. Must be implemented by 2003, Act was passed in 1996. This may apply to research that involves human subjects. Dean Zollman suggested that the committee on human subjects be informed about this Act and perhaps they should inform those approved to do the research of the obligation to protect this information.

The number of anti virus downloads was approximately 2500 which Harv thought was extremely low. It was suggested that an article be placed in the Collegian and perhaps posted on the University Web Site to encourage students to download the anti virus software. Harv indicated that he will probably do another educational campaign. Moxley indicated that perhaps students think the download would take too long. Harv indicated that a CD is available at the help desk. It was suggested that perhaps disks could be left in the residence halls for students to check out or perhaps resident hall technical support staff could assist with this effort.

Education and Policy Promotion Committee and the Data Administration Committee have not met since the last meeting.

Harv shared with the members that there is a draft policy from KITO on Managing Electronic Mail. Several members asked for copies.

Meeting was adjourned.

Review and Approval of the January IRMC Minutes:

Laura Litrell indicated that she was not present at the last meeting as the minutes indicated. It was moved and approved that the minutes be approved as corrected. Motion passed.

Subcommittee Reports:

E-Commerce Issues and Practices Committee (Newhouse)

Newhouse was not present. Leitnaker indicated that the committee had not met.

Appropriate Use of IT Resources Committee

Leitnaker distributed a draft of the KSU Use and Scheduling of Technologically Enhanced Classrooms policy. Several language (not content) related revisions were made. A motion was made and seconded to approve the policy with the noted changes. Motion passed. Leitnaker will make the noted revisions and provide a copy to Rowlett. Rowlett will submit the policy to Dr. Unger for distribution to Faculty Senate, CITAC, and the Deans Council. Following their review and/or approval, the policy will then be submitted to the Executive Computing Committee.

Takemoto indicated that the Internet and World Wide Web Page policy and the Research Data Access and Retention policy have been reviewed by FSCOT and have been forwarded to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for inclusion on the Faculty Senate Agenda for next month's meeting.

Education and Training Committee

Darbyshire met with Dr. Unger regarding the training recommendation.

Data Administration Committee

Hillier indicated his committee had not met.

Other Business

Leitnaker thanked Laura Littrell, Harv Townsend, and John Streeter for their efforts related to the University Commons Area in the Library.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30. Next meeting will be March 15th in Fairchild Room 202.