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Fairchild Hall, Room 202
February 15, 2001



Ruth Dyer, Delores Takemoto, Harvard Townsend, David Hillier, Jane Rowlett, Jean Darbyshire, John Streeter, Laura Littrell, Gary Leitnaker, Dean Zollman, Gail Simmonds (via video conferencing).


Carol Kellett, Tom Schellhardt, Cheryl Strecker, Chad Johnson, Barbara Newhouse, Virgil Wallentine, Tony Crawford, Doug Elcock, Don Foster

Gary Leitnaker (substituting for Tom Schellhardt) opened the meeting at 1:15 p.m.


There will be a VPAST Lecture presented by Eileen Quam on “Minnesota’s Bridges’ Foundations Project for Integrated Access to Environmental Information” on March 1, Hemisphere Room, Hale Library at 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Townsend indicated that the password change went very smooth with only one exception.  

Review and Approval of the January IRMC Minutes

Laura Litrell indicated that she was not present at the last meeting as the minutes indicated.  It was moved and approved that the minutes be approved as corrected.  Motion passed.


Subcommittee Reports


E-Commerce Issues and Practices Committee (Newhouse)

Newhouse was not present.  Leitnaker indicated that the committee had not met.

Appropriate Use of IT Resources Committee

Leitnaker distributed a draft of the KSU Use and Scheduling of Technologically Enhanced Classrooms policy.  Several language (not content) related revisions were made.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the policy with the noted changes.  Motion passed.  Leitnaker will make the noted revisions and provide a copy to Rowlett.  Rowlett will submit the policy to Dr. Unger for distribution to Faculty Senate, CITAC, and the Deans Council.  Following their review and/or approval, the policy will then be submitted to the Executive Computing Committee. 

Takemoto indicated that the Internet and World Wide Web Page policy and the Research Data Access and Retention policy have been reviewed by FSCOT and have been forwarded to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for inclusion on the Faculty Senate Agenda for next month’s meeting.

Education and Training Committee

Darbyshire met with Dr. Unger regarding the training recommendation. 

Data Administration Committee

Hillier indicated his committee had not met.   

Other Business

Leitnaker thanked Laura Littrell, Harv Townsend, and John Streeter for their efforts  related to the University Commons Area in the Library.


Meeting was adjourned at 2:30.  Next meeting will be March 15th in Fairchild Room 202.