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Information Resource Management Council
Minutes: December 13, 2001
K-State Union 205



Andrew Bell, Tony Crawford, Ruth Dyer, Yar Ebadi, Don Foster, David Hillier, Terry King, Gary Leitnaker, Laurel Littrell (Chair), Jane Rowlett, Gail Simmonds, Roger Terry, Harv Townsend, Fran Willbrant (attending for Keith Ratzloff), Dean Zollman


Council members introduced themselves and identified their     affiliation with the university

Minutes of November 15, 2001

Approved. After some angst, Tony Crawford agreed to serve as secretary for the year.

Committee reports and topics

  1. Littrell announced that the committees were restructured into three committees for this coming year and she distributed a handout outlining the principles of forming IRMC committees and the three proposed committees and issues for IRMC. Current or former chairs commented on the committee’s activities.

    1. Security Committee (formerly Appropriate Use of IT Resources)

      1. Wireless technology
      2. Security

      Townsend summarized that security issues would be dealt with this year, including authentication and service which may have policy implications. An IT security officer is to be hired to develop a security plan and a policy to be approved and implemented.

      Leitnaker reviewed past issues of the Appropriate Use of IT Resources Committee which included the review of a draft policy on wireless technology prepared by Townsend. Leitnaker agreed to finish the work on that policy before stepping down as chair.

    2. Web issues–or better name (formerly E-Commerce)
      1. Portal (work with Portal Committee)
      2. Authentication
      3. Accessibility
      4. E-Commerce

      Littrell explained that this committee had been chaired by Barb Newhouse who rotated off of IRMC

    3. Integrated Information Initiative (formerly Data Administration)
      1. Authorization
      2. III

      Hillier explained that the goal of III is to converge information on campus to make it seamless and accessible; this will include identifying metadata.

    4. Web-Site Accessibility Committee update

      Rowlett provided information about this committee that is concerned with what constitutes an official K-State web-site, whereby the information has to be accessible to people with disabilities under ADA regulations. Considerable discussion followed regarding who is responsible for making course related content available via the Internet, Disabled Student Services or the faculty member. The following recommendation was agreed upon in principle: "IRMC recommends that upon request, DSS in conjunction with CNS, assist faculty in providing reasonable access to web content connected to course materials." It was tabled until the next meeting to which Gretchen Holden, director of Disabled Student Services, will be invited to attend. In addition, it was determined that someone knowledgeable in Web page technology should be on call to assist faculty members to make the information available, although it was pointed out that there is no staff available to provide this service. Discussion followed about where the employee would reside, DSS or CNS. Rowlett distributed a folder of information, "Web Access for All," prepared by the Web-Site Accessibility Committee and encouraged everyone to study the contents.

  2. Littrell asked that members consider which committee they would be willing to join; she will distribute more information about the proposed committee's charges for members to use to determine which committee on which to serve. She will contact members as necessary regarding their committee assignment.

Submitted by,

Tony Crawford