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October 26, 2000
Anderson Hall, Room 116



Carol Kellett, Harvard Townsend, Tom Schellhardt, David Hillier, Jane Rowlett, Jean Darbyshire, Laurel Littrell, Barbara Newhouse, Delores Takemoto,Virgil Wallentine, John Streeter, John Murray


Jeff Meder, Tony Crawford, Gary Leitnaker, Don Foster, Ruth Dyer, Cheryl Strecker

Tom Schellhardt opened the meeting at 1:15 p.m.


a. New Council Members and Membership Criteria

Tom S. reviewed the composition of the committee. He indicated that there will be four faculty senate representatives of whom one will be the chair of FSCOT and the other three representatives will be on three-year rotating terms. It was recommended by Dee T. that a representative from the Salina Campus be added. Tom S. indicated that Dr. Unger was planning on adding a representative from Salina.

b. Revised Policy Approval Process

Revisions to the Policy Approval Process were distributed. It was recommended that number 3 be divided into two parts since CITAC's and the deans' roles are different than FS's role. CITAC and the deans review and provide comment. FS's role includes an approval and sign off. Jane R. will make the revision and distribute the document for approval at the next meeting.

c. IT Policies on the Web

Currently, IT policies can be accessed on the web through the VPAST home page ( and through the Information Technology home page ( It was suggest that the Education and Policy Promotion committee arrange to have these policies in the PPM. Jean D. indicated her committee would look into this matter.

d. Wireless connection now available in the Union Food Court Area

Harv T. announced that wireless connection is now available in the Union Food Court Area.

e. Electronic Mail Policy was approved by the VPAST and the Executive Computing Committee.

J. Rowlett noted that the Electronic Mail Policy had been approved. It has been posted on the VPAST and Information Technology web sites and has been electronically distributed to the university community via email from Dr. Unger. Dee T. suggested that the committee consider giving a presentation to F.S. as part of the process of dissemination.

Review and Approval of the September 21 IRMC Minutes

It was moved and seconded that the September 21 minutes be approved. Motion passed.

Subcommittee Reports

Education and Policy Promotion (Darbyshire)

Jean D. indicated that she will be meeting with Dr. Unger to determine a way to implement education and training recommended by the committee. They will be recommending that the iTAC deliver the training.

Appropriate Use of IT Resources Committee

Harv T. announced that he will be submitting a draft policy at the next meeting relative to registering new and existing domains. He indicated that he will be recommending that personal domains not be supported by university's equipment.

Harv T. also indicated that a draft policy will be forthcoming regarding the use of bandwidth related to Napster. Dee T. asked about efforts to provide for more bandwidth availability relative to elective recreational uses. Harv indicated that there have been discussions about making optional carriers available to students for an additional cost.

Data Administration

Dave H. distributed a final draft of the Research Data Retention and Access policy electronically to the committee in advance of the meeting. Dee T. had been added to this committee to assure faculty input was available during the drafting stages. Dave will ask for the committee's approval at the next meeting.

E-Commerce Issues and Practices Committee (Newhouse)

Barbara Newhouse indicated that she and a few other members again met with Cheryl Strecker to discuss some e-commerce issues relative to student organizations and sponsorships. Her committee will continue to meet to discuss these issues. Dawne Martin, Professor of Marketing, has been added to the committee.

Other Business

Next Meetings

Thursday, November 16, 2000, Anderson Hall, Room 116

Thursday, December 21, 2000, Anderson Hall, Room 116

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