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IRMC Meeting Minutes
March 16, 2000
Anderson Hall Conference Room



Tony Crawford, Carol Kellett, Harvard Townsend, Tom Schellhardt, David Hillier, John Murray, Jane Rowlett, Jean Darbyshire, Gary Leitnaker, Laurel Littrell, Barbara Newhouse, Cheryl Strecker, Ruth Dyer


Delores Takemoto, Virgil Wallentine, Jeff Meder, John Streeter, Don Foster

Tom Schellhardt opened the meeting at 1:15 p.m.

Review and Approval of the February 2000 IRMC Minutes

It was moved and seconded that the February minutes be approved.

Subcommittee Reports

Education and Policy Promotion (Darbyshire)

Jean Darbyshire indicated that her committee has not met since the last meeting.

E-Mail Policy

Gary Leitnaker and Harv Townsend met with the Faculty Senate IT committee to discuss issues related to the e-mail policy. Following that meeting, the E-mail Policy Committee met again to discuss revisions to the e-mail policy. The E-mail Policy Committee agreed to all of the recommendations of the FSIT committee, except for the section in which the FSIT committee recommended that a faculty member be consulted by the VPAST prior to approving access and a phrase regarding the sender or receiver giving permission to access e-mail. Gary distributed a revised draft of the email policy. It was moved by Gary that the draft be approved. It was seconded by Doug Elcock. Motion passed.

Data Administration (Hillier)

Dave Hillier distributed a final draft of the Information, Computing and Network Security Procedures Policy. He indicated that the same language approved for the privacy section of the E-Mail policy has been inserted in this policy. The draft inadvertently omitted letter g. Also, the bullet on the first page should be an asterisk. It was moved by Jean Darbyshire to approve the policy with the above stated amendments. It was seconded by John Murray. Motion passed.

E-Commerce Issues and Practices Committee (Newhouse)

Barbara Newhouse indicated that the committee is making progress in researching various policies, externally and internally, that address issues related to commerce. After searching other university web sites, nothing was found regarding e-commerce policies. They are beginning to develop a clear charge for the committee. These discussions should result in a written statement from the committee.

Private Domains

There was discussion on issuing and supporting private domains to individual faculty members. Harv indicated that we already have issued private domains to groups on campus. No one was aware that we had done this in the past. Harv gave a couple of examples. Carol Kellett will bring a proposal from the Sensory Analysis Center requesting a group domain for review by IRMC at the next meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m. The next meeting will be on April 20. Members will be notified of the location.