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IRMC Meeting Minutes
January 20, 2000



John Streeter, Harvard Townsend, Doug Elcock, Tom Schellhardt, David Hillier, John Murray, Jane Rowlett, Jean Darbyshire, Don Foster, Carol Kellett, Gary Leitnaker, Laurel Littrell, Barbara Newhouse, Cheryl Strecker, Delores Takemoto


Jeff Meder, Ruth Dyer, Tony Crawford, Virgil Wallentine

Tom Schellhardt opened the meeting at 1:15 p.m.


  1. The next CITAC lecture will be on January 27th. The topic is Distance Education.

  2. The Interim Assistant Vice Provost has not been announced.

  3. Gary Leitnaker asked that the minutes indicate that the Council commended all of those involved with the Y2K rollover for a job well done.

Review and Approval of the December 18, 1999 IRMC Minutes

It was moved and seconded that the December minutes be approved with the following changes:

  1. in the third paragraph under announcements change Z site to

  2. in the third paragraph, under announcements change university to Alumni Association.


Subcommittee Reports


Education and Policy Promotion (Darbyshire)

Jean Darbyshire distributed a handout regarding the recommended training for LAN administrators. The committee discussed whether the program should result in a certification or if there should be some other type of documentation of completion. Jean asked committee members to discuss the draft with their LAN administrators and to provide any further comments to her. She will finalize the report and present it at the February IRMC meeting.

Data Administration (Hillier)

Dave Hillier distributed a draft of the Information, Computing and Network Security Procedures Policy. He indicated that the Faculty Senate IT committee revised the policy. The committee recommended that the original section under General Policy by reinstated. This section addresses the privacy issues related to university information. It was also recommended that the organizational chart be included with the draft. Dave Hillier will make these revisions and provide an edited draft to the IRMC at the February meeting.

Appropriate Use of IT Resources (Townsend)

Email Policy--Gary Leitnaker indicated that his subcommittee met to review the Faculty Senate IT Committee's recommended revisions to the E-Mail Policy. Leitnaker indicated that the majority of the recommended revisions restated the current policy, that the statements related to privacy may be more than the university can deliver or provide, and that the mediation committee would inhibit swift action required in some instances and may be an inappropriate disclosure of personnel information. Leitnaker indicated the committee would like to know if there have been incidents that have not been addressed by the current policy or if there is something specific that the current policy does not address. Dee Takemoto indicated that the FS had approved the revised policy and was not accepting of the current policy. She indicated that accessing email for the purposes of retrieving business related information was not acceptable because business related information could be defined broadly to include a faculty members correspondence with other faculty members, etc. She gave several examples. It was agreed that the email policy subcommittee would take this discussion into consideration and present final recommendations to the IRMC at the February meeting.

Intellectual Property (John Murray)

John Murray indicated that he did not receive any comments from the committee regarding the draft Intellectual Property Policy. He moved that the committee approve the draft to be forwarded to the Provost. Hillier seconded. Motion Passed.

E-Commerce Issues and Practices Committee (Newhouse)

Barbara Newhouse indicated that she will meet with Dr. Unger to clarify the role of this committee related to another committee with a similar charge. Her committee will then meet, hopefully before the February IRMC meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.