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IRMC Meeting Minutes
August 17, 2000
Room 205 K-State Union
1:15 pm



Tony Crawford, Harvard Townsend, Tom Schellhardt, David Hillier, Jane Rowlett, Jean Darbyshire, Gary Leitnaker, Laurel Littrell, Barbara Newhouse, Cheryl Strecker, Ruth Dyer, Don Foster


Jeff Meder, John Murray, Carol Kellett, Delores Takemoto, Virgil Wallentine, John Streeter, Doug Elcock

Tom Schellhardt opened the meeting at 1:15 p.m.


Tom Schellhardt will ask Dr. Unger to address the IRMC at the September 21st meeting.
The K-State IT Showcase will be September 12th and 13th .
A search is currently being conducted to replace Jeanette Harold, the former director of iTAC. Mel Chastain has been appointed as interim director.
Dave Hillier is now the Director of Data and Information Administration. He is located in College Court, Room 116.

Review and Approval of the April, 2000 IRMC Minutes

A motion was made by Don Foster and seconded by Dave Hillier to approve the April minutes. Motion passed.


Committee Reports


Education and Policy Promotion (Darbyshire)

Jean Darbyshire indicated that the main focus this year will be to develop a delivery mechanism. She will meet with Dr. Unger to discuss this process.

Appropriate Use of IT Resources Committee (Townsend)

Harv Townsend reported that a group was examining the use and ownership of various domain names. K-State will be proceeding with obtaining ownership of domain names containing a copyrighted K-State mark.

This year there will be some e-mail issues raised relative to the management (retention) of files.  He also indicated that the use of the internet will be capped at 20 Mbs/sec. Anything coming in over this will be lost. Concern was raised by Don Foster as to the management of this issue. The question was raised as to whether the University should consider purchasing additional space.

Data Administration (Hillier)

Dave Hillier indicated that he has drafted a research data retention and access policy which he will be submitting to the Data Administration Committee for review and input. He indicated that the committee will include faculty representation. He has also asked Paul Lowe to review the draft.

E-Commerce Issues and Practices Committee (Newhouse)

Barbara indicated that her committee had met this summer. She also noted that the e-commerce policies for the university are now located in one place on the Information Technology home page.

She noted that Fran Wilbur has been participating in the state-wide e-commerce committee. Also, Fran has expressed concern about K-State’s sales and solicitations policies and procedures as they relate to e-commerce. She will provide clarification to these polices by including examples where appropriate


The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m. The next meeting will be on Thursday, September 21st , 116 Anderson Hall, 1:15-3:00 p.m.