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IRMC Meeting Minutes
September 23, 1999
Room 205 K-State Union
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm



V. Wallentine, T. Crawford, J. Darbyshire, J. Rowlett, T.Schellhardt, D. Hillier, B. Newhouse, H. Townsend, D. Takemoto, D. Elcock, M. Ottenheimer


T. Schellhardt opened the meeting at 1:15 p.m. He passed out a list of the new membership. He welcomed Dee Takemoto to the committee. Committee members introduced themselves. T. Schellhardt made the following announcements:

  1. Setting the Stage for the New IRMC Year- T. Schellhardt listed several topics that IRMC may want to consider as agenda items for next year. Topics included:

    Limiting the Internet Bandwidth to the Residence Halls
    E-commerce Issues
    Personal Domains-Should K-State support them?
    Revisit the Commercial Gains Section of the IT Usage Policy
    Unofficial K-State Web Sites and Web Sites Offering E-mail Services
    Encrypted E-mail-Do We Need It?
    Dynamic Host Control Protocol-How Computers are Assigned IP

    He asked if others had topics that they wanted to share. D. Hillier indicated that there were two issues having to do with new student recruits that needed to be addressed, (1) How soon does a recruit get an account or should a recruit not get an account until he or she enrolls?, and (2) Should students be notified that there are individuals posing as college search engines in an effort to obtain demographic information about students?

    T. Schellhardt indicated that he plans to meet with Cheryl Strecker, Jane Rowlett, and the subcommittee chairs every two to plan the agenda for the monthly IRMC meetings.

  2. The Kansas Technology Showcase this summer T. Schellhardt indicated that KSU received a "Best of Show" award for participation.

  3. Use of Internet2-H. Townsend indicated that K-State, along with Oregon State, NU, and UNLV were one of the first universities to successfully launch a course on the I2.

  4. Update on the mandated password change. H. Townsend indicated that at the last count, 22,800 out of 30,000 passwords had been successfully changed. He has had numerous contacts from those that did not change their passwords and were disconnected. Most of those concerns have been resolved. He pointed out that in the State-Wide Standards for IT Architecture, in the Security Section, there is a requirement that passwords be changed at required intervals.

  5. T. Schellhardt announced that an IRMC retreat will be held jointly with CITAC in late October.

  6. At the beginning of the academic year the E-mail hits on the K-State home page increased from 1/2 million last year to 1 million this year.


A motion was passed to approve the June minutes with the following revisions:

  1. The date of the showcase should be changed to the 16th.
  2. In the second paragraph "ID" should be added after computing.
  3. T. Crawford ask that it be noted in the minutes that he distributed sample E-mail retention policies from other universities to the committee for review. (This actually occurred in the May meeting which was noted in the May minutes. That revision was omitted with his concurrence).

Subcommittee Reports

Data Administration

D. Hillier distributed a draft Information, Computing and Network Security Procedures Policy (attached). Discussion followed. T. Schellhardt suggested that perhaps there is a need for an educational seminar on this topic. This policy will be distributed to Faculty Senate and to the Deans' Council for review and comment.

Appropriate Use of IT Resources

  1. State Wide Architecture and IT Standards-- H. Townsend indicated that the state of Kansas was developing IT standards for all of the state's agencies. The BOR has been involved. It will not include IT used for education and research at the Regent's institutions. It will include IT used for administrative purposes.

  2. IT Usage Policy--H. Townsend indicated a need to revisit the commercial advertizing section of the IT Usage Policy. V. Wallentine indicated that there is a BOR statement that specifically prohibits use for commercial gain. The committee agreed that this topic would be a major issue for the committee this year. It was suggested that a subcommittee be appointed to address this issue. It was agreed that someone from Bob Krause's area and C. Strecker should be on this subcommittee. Harv also indicated that he would be interested in serving. T. Schellhardt asked if others were interested.

  3. Should the University Support Personal Domains?--H. Townsend indicated that J. Murray had inquired about the university supporting his personal domain. Discussion followed. It was agreed that this be brought before the committee in the form of a recommendation. H. Townsend agreed to write up a proposal that included related costs. It was suggested that perhaps D. Takemoto would like to share this for discussion/recommendation with the faculty committee on technology.

  4. Comments from Ken Brooks on E-Mail Policy amendments. H. Townsend shared the E-mail from Ken Brooks with the committee (attached). K. Brooks suggested that the E-mail policy revisions (also attached) indicate that while students may suppress their E-mail addresses for publication in the white pages, they must be required to provide them to peers and faculty for academic purposes. Some committee members indicated that students should not be required to share their E-mail addresses with peers. It was agreed that this be tabled pending a legal opinion from C. Strecker.

  5. Items 4 and 5 on the agenda were tabled until the next meeting.
Intellectual Property
M. Ottenheimer indicated that a draft policy was before his committee. The committee could expect a final draft to be forthcoming by the end of October.

Education and Policy Promotion Committee

J. Darbyshire indicated that the committee will be meeting and discussing a possible new direction. OTHER BUSINESS

It was agreed that the committee will meet on the third Thursday of every month at 1:15. A notice will go out to members indicating the dates and locations.




VPAST Beth Unger,
IRMC Chair Tom Schellhardt, and CITAC colleagues,

I have received and reviewed the proposed additions to the KSU Electronic Mail Policy dated July 27th. The proposed changes seem appropriate to me.

I do have a question of clarification and a recommendation about the issue of students suppressing their e-mail addresses. It is appropriate that we allow students a level of privacy that would be afforded by suppressing the listing of their e-mail addresses in the general university on-line directory. On the other hand, e-mail is now considered to be an important and necessary form of communication between instructors, advisors and departments and the students they serve. Further, in some courses, intra-class discussion and communication is facilitated via electronic mail, giving students, faculty and other participants a need to know each other's e-mail addresses. I recommend that we add a sentence that clarifies the concept that "suppressing an e-mail listing from general public listing does not mean withholding it from the instructors, advisors, departments, or classmates that would be required to use it in conducting the official missions of the university."

Perhaps the paragraph would read something like this (added sentence in uppercase letters):

"This policy does not apply to K-State students. They may un-publish their e-mail address by contacting the K-State Information Technology Help Desk and requesting that their K-State Computing ID be unlisted. ALTHOUGH AN UNLISTED ID OR ADDRESS CAN'T BE VIEWED BY USERS OF THE ON-LINE DIRECTORY, THE STUDENT MUST STILL PROVIDE THEIR ID ADDRESS TO UNIVERSITY STAFF OR PEERS WHEN REQUESTED TO DO SO AS A PART OF OFFICAL UNIVERSITY MISSIONS. Faculty and staff who are enrolled in one or more classes at K-State and are therefore also a student may not suppress publication of their K-State e-mail address.


Ken Brooks