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IRMC Meeting Minutes
October 21, 1999
SGA Large Conference Room, K-State Union
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm



T. Crawford, J. Darbyshire, R. Dyer, D. Elcock, D, Foster, D. Hillier, G. Leitnaker, L. Littrell, J. Meder, B. Newhouse, T. Schellhardt, C. Strecker, J. Streeter, D. Takemoto, H. Townsend


T. Schellhardt opened the meeting at 1:15 p.m.

Introductions of New IRMC Members

T. Schellhardt distributed a new membership list. He welcomed Laurel Littrell and Jeff Meder to the committee.

T. Schellhardt made the following announcements:

IT-CITAC Retreat and IRMC November Meeting

Since the IT-CITAC Retreat is scheduled for November 19, it was decided that the November IRMC meeting scheduled for November 18 will be canceled.

Update on "Z" site

H. Townsend distributed a print-out of an earlier version of the Z site and reported that the site is up as of today. The contract will be carefully reviewed by K-State officials.


A motion was passed to approve the September minutes with the following revisions:

  1. T. Schellhardt plans to meet with C. Strecker, J. Rowlett, and the subcommittee chairs every month to plan the agenda.
  2. At the beginning of the academic year the hits on the K-State home page increased from 1/2 million per day last year to 1 million per day this year.

Subcommittee Reports

Establishment of E-Commerce Policies and Practices Subcommittee

The E-Commerce Policies and Practicies Subcomittee will include G. Leitnaker, L. Littrell, J. Meder, J. Rowlett, C. Strecker, and H. Townsend.

Data Administration

D. Hillier reported that the draft Information, Computing and Network Security Procedures Policy has been reviewed by Dr. Unger. The Technology Committee will discuss the draft at its next meeting. D. Hillier hopes to have a revised draft for IRMC at the next meeting.

Appropriate Use of IT Resources
  1. IT Usage Policy--H. Townsend indicated a need to revisit the commercial advertizing section of the IT Usage Policy. Currently the policy prohibits only the "advertising for commercial gain." H. Townsend would like the policy to be more specific.

  2. University Support of Personal Domain--Item tabled.

  3. University Calendar Security and Privacy Issues--H. Townsend distributed a list of questions needing to be resolved before the central Netscape Calendar system is made available to the campus. Discussion followed. It was decided that since use of the Netscape Calendar system is optional and its level of security is determined by the user, no action is needed.

  4. Comments on the E-mail policy amendments--Item tabled.

  5. Policies and Procedures for Staff who wish their data to be protected--discussed under Data Administration.
Intellectual Property

R. Dyer reported that the draft policy is in its final stages before going to the university community for review.

Education and Policy Promotion Committee

J. Darbyshire distributed a copy of a paragraph taken from the 1998-99 EPPS annual report regarding LAN Administrators. Discussion followed. It was decided that LAN administrators need education and training about IT policies such as the acceptable use policy and data administration.


T. Schellhardt asked that the members of the committee review current policies to determine if they need updated.