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IRMC Meeting Minutes
June 24, 1999
Room 205 K-State Union
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm



V. Wallentine, D. Foster, T. Crawford, J. Darbyshire, J. Rowlett, G. Leitnaker, T. Schellhardt, D. Hillier, J. Streeter, R. Dyer, B. Newhouse, H. Townsend

Tom Schellhardt opened the meeting at 1:15 p.m. He announced that the Kansas Technology Showcase (July 16 and 17 held in Topeka) was a great success and distributed a copy of the narrative (attached) that was presented at the opening ceremony.

The minutes were read. Harv Townsend recommended that the discussion on faculty eligibility for obtaining a computing be revised to include visiting faculty who do not have employment status. G. Leitnaker made a motion to accept the revised minutes. T. Crawford seconded. Motion passed.


Subcommittee Reports


Data Administration

D. Hillier reported that a final draft of the Information, Computing and Network Security Procedures document will be presented at the next meeting.

Appropriate Use of IT Resources

H. Townsend discussed the draft of the Retention of Electronic Mail Policy. A draft of the policy was distributed (attached). Rowlett indicated that it was nearly the same as the Penn State policy and that permission to use the policy was obtained from Penn State. D. Foster made the motion to approve the draft. G. Leitnaker seconded. Motion passed. The committee requested that the policy be added to the appropriate section of the existing Electronic E-Mail policy and to Chapter 3090 of the Policy and Procedures Manual which includes other record retention policies.

G. Leitnaker moved to adopt the policy draft on Publication of Faculty and Staff E-mail Addresses with the exception of deleting the phrase "...such as endangerment of the owner of the ID...". D. Foster seconded. Motion passed. It was recommended by the committee that this also be included as an addendum to the Electronic Mail Policy.

H. Townsend indicated that CNS will notify all users that they must change their password twice a year. The committee did not feel that a policy was necessary to implement this procedure. T. Schellhardt indicated that Dr. Unger had visited with Faculty Senate Leadership about this and that the faculty are very concerned about security and confidentiality.

Education and Policy Promotion Committee

J. Darbyshire distributed a draft policy and recommendations from the committee. Discussion followed. D. Foster moved to accept the report from the subcommittee. G. Leitnaker seconded. Motion passed. A copy of the draft policy and report is attached.