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IRMC Meeting Minutes
December 16, 1999
K-State Union, Room 204
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm


T. Schellhardt opened the meeting at 1:15 p.m.

Introduction of New IRMC Member

T. Schellhardt announced that Carol Kellett, Dean of Human Ecology, will replace Terry King on this committee.

T. Schellhardt made the following announcements:


T. Schellhardt indicated the summit was very informative and hopefully assisted various IT units in setting their agendas.

Update on "" site

H. Townsend indicated that the contract with has been agreed to and signed by the Alumni Association.

Upcoming Interviews for the Associate Vice Provost for IT

Interviews will be this Tuesday, Dec. 21. The two candidates are Mel Chastain and Nancy Knupfer.

Y2K Update

J. Rowlett provided an update of the plans for the holiday week end relative to y2k. She indicated there will be an IT Command Center located the Hale Library that will serve as the point of contact over the holiday week end for all IT units. A letter was distributed to the university community which included recommendations to departments with regard to their computing assets.

Council vs. Committee

T. Schellhardt suggested, since the IRMC is a council, that we rename the subcommittees and begin referring to them as committees.


A motion was made by Don Foster to approve the October minutes. The motion was seconded by Gary Leitnaker. Motion passed.

Subommittee Reports

Establishment of E-Commerce Policies and Practices Subcommittee

The attached handout was distributed. T. Schellhardt suggested that the council provide a charge to the committee. Several questions were raised such as: (1) how will this committee interact with the university's e-commerce committee, and (2) will this committee be concerned with anything that generates revenue or will there be a more specific focus?

Appropriate Use Subcommittee

  1. IT Usage Policy--H. Townsend indicated a need to revisit the commercial advertizing section of the IT Usage Policy. Currently, the policy only prohibits "advertising for commercial gain." H. Townsend would like the policy to be broaden to include commercial gain in general. He distributed a recommended revision (attached).

  2. University Support of Personal Domain--Item tabled.

  3. Comments on the E-mail Policy Amendments-T. Schellhardt indicated that the Faculty Senate Committee on Information Technology has submitted a revised email policy for IRMC to review. The revision has been referred to the committee that had initially drafted the existing policy for review and comment. This committee is chaired by Gary Leitnaker.

  4. Update on CNS Issues and Activities
H. Townsend indicated that there is policy pending the legislature which would require the assignment of digital signatures for those interacting with information data bases.

H. Townsend informed the council that he will be enforcing a "one strike and you are out" policy regarding illegal postings (primarily copy right violations) by students on equipment in the resident halls. J. Darbyshire indicated that her committee on Education and Policy Promotion would work with housing to help educate students regarding this policy violation.

Intellectual Property Subcommittee

J. Murray distributed the final draft of the Intellectual Property Policy. He asked the council members to review the policy and to email comments to him. He will compile the comments and share them with the committee. R. Dyer distributed a letter from the provost to the council requesting that comments on the Intellectual Property Policy be forwarded to him by January 24. CITAC and the Deans' Council were also asked to comment.

Education and Policy Promotion Subcommitee

J. Darbyshire reported that her committee has recommended that a notice be forwarded to students in various formats to advise them to have their email forwarded to a central location if they have more that one email account. Her committee will be exploring a second reading on the role of the VPAST regarding college controlled LANS. The committee has completed their interviews of LAN administrators regarding training and will be forthcoming with a report.

Meeting was adjourned.