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IRMC Meeting Minutes
November 19, 1998



Tony Crawford, Jean Darbyshire, Ruth Dyer, Doug Elcock, Don Foster, David Hillier, Jason Lacey, Gary Leitnaker, John Murray, Barbara Newhouse, Martin Ottenheimer, Tom Schellhardt, Cheryl Strecker, John Streeter, Harvard Townsend


Terry King, Jane Rowlett, Virgil Wallentine

Schellhardt opened the meeting at 1:15. He distributed a listing of subcommittee assignments.

Review and Approval of October 15, 1998 Minutes

Foster moved and Hillier seconded to approve the minutes as distributed. Motion passed.


Subcommittee Reports


Data Administration

Hillier reported that the subcommittee members have not met but plan to meet next week. The subcommittee's objective is to proceed with the policy on the council of data stewards.

Appropriate Use of IT Resources
Eligibility Requirements for Obtaining University Computing Services

Townsend distributed a draft policy. The basic question raised was whether classified retirees be awarded the benefit of computing privileges. Dyer suggested that the Faculty Handbook sections D70 and D71 as well as the following paragraph be stricken and the statement "Retired unclassified and classified persons are eligible for a K-State computing ID. Retirees must document their eligibility in writing to Computing and Network Services." Foster moved and Murray seconded to approve the policy as amended. Motion passed. Townsend will update the policy as passed.

Bulk e-mail Policy - Charging for Services

Townsend distributed a draft proposal and reported that the subcommittee has not met but plan to meet before the next IRMC meeting. After some discussion of the draft proposal, Townsend said that CNS would compute true cost projections. The subcommittee will mold the proposal into a policy to be voted on at a later meeting.

Intellectual Property

Murray reported that the subcommittee will be meeting after the Board of Regents has acted on the proposal. The item is on the agenda for today's Board of Regents meeting and it is expected to pass without changes.

Education and Policy Promotion

Darbyshire reported that the subcommittee has developed a charge and has divided their task into a series of components to review.

Policy Proposal - Food and Drink in Technology Classrooms

Schellhardt distributed a draft policy. After some discussion, it was decided that the second paragraph regarding enforcement should be deleted and that faculty and students need to be better informed of the policy. Schellhardt said that he would suggest informing faculty and department heads of the policy and will look at the possibility of better signage.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for December 17, 1998, at 1:15 in Room 204 of the K-State Union. Any agenda items for the next meeting should be given to Tom Schellhardt.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm.