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December 17, 1998



Jean Darbyshire, Ruth Dyer, Jane Rowlett, Doug Elcock, Don Foster, David Hillier, Jason Lacey, John Murray, Barbara Newhouse, Martin Ottenheimer, Tom Schellhardt, John Streeter, Harvard Townsend, Virgil Wallentine


Tony Crawford, Terry King, Gary Leitnaker, Cheryl Strecker

Schellhardt opened the meeting at 1:15.

Review and Approval of October 15, 1998 Minutes

Minutes were approved as distributed.


Jean Darbyshire announced that they were taking bids for the out sourcing of the computing labs (7) to include printing and copying functions. Harv Townsend indicated he was unaware that there had been a decision to do this.

Schellhardt thanked Martin Ottenheimer for making a report to update the Faculty Senate on IRMC policy discussions.

Information Technology Executive Council Update

John Streeter indicated there was more discussion at the state level regarding project reporting. They are still trying to define "projects" as it relates to Senate Bill 5.

Jane Rowlett reported that the Business Contingency Impact Analysis Study is due to be submitted to the State on December 31 and that the final BCP is due June, 1999.

Rowlett also reported that the Year 2000 Committee will be meeting to discuss the development of a Y2K Contingency Plan.

Computing and Network Services

Townsend reported that the university has been under a rash of break ins. Hackers have attacked web sites including the controller's office and the dean of A&S. They also tampered with data for a master's thesis. This has prompted a request by the administration that faculty change their passwords. Tomorrow is the deadline date in which passwords must be changed. There is a web site to help facilitate the process of changing passwords. Students will be asked to change passwords at the beginning of every semester. Jason Lacey indicated that Student Senate may be able to help get the word out to students for the need to change passwords. Townsend indicated that resident halls seem to be a problem in that there are lots of password sniffers in the dorms.

Townsend also reported that spammers were still a problem. He will be proposing a policy on operating mail gateways to help eliminate our vulnerability. He indicated that KSU is on a "gork slayer" list and have been black listed by some folks because we have not disabled spammers on certain mail gateways.

Ottenheimer asked if he could get a list of the problems created by the hackers and the spammers so he could share those in detail with Faculty Senate. He indicated that if faculty and others are aware of the reasons that some of these policies are important they will more likely give them their support.

Townsend indicated that nearly 1800 faculty, who have been identified as not have a centralized e-mail address will be assigned a centralized KSU computing ID. Letters to this effect will go out following the break. This needs to be in place before the bulk e-mail service is announced.


Subcommittee Reports


Data Administration

Hillier reported that the meeting with the deans to discuss data administration did not go as well as expected. It was decided that the administration would meet with a group of faculty senate leaders to discuss the rationale for data administration and that a policy should be drafted that provides a rationale to support the need for data administration.

Wallentine indicated that the administration should meet with the department heads because they are the ones that end up paying requirements set forth by policies such as these.


Appropriate Use of IT Resources


Eligibility Requirements for Obtaining University Computing Services

The committee agreed to add a statement that emeritus faculty and spouses of deceased emeritus faculty would also be eligible for a computing ID.

Intellectual Property

Murray reported that the university has appointed a committee to draft a policy to implement the Board of Regents IP policy. Martin Ottenheimer will chair the committee. A memo from the Provost appointing this committee is attached and includes list of the members of the committee. The IRMC committee members were invited to provide comments or suggestions to Ottenheimer.

Education and Policy Promotion

Darbyshire reported that the subcommittee has developed a charge and has divided their task into a series of components to review. Her committee will have a draft for us to review in February.

Policy Proposal - Food and Drink in Technology Classrooms

This policy was not approved. Schellhardt indicated that better signage will be posted in the labs.

Other Business

Virg Wallentine asked if providing faculty access to their homes has been considered as new cable becomes available. It was suggested that Fred Damkroger be invited to the next meeting to discuss this further.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 21, 1999, at 9:30 in Room 204 of the K-State Union. Any agenda items for the next meeting should be given to Tom Schellhardt.