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Information Resource Management Council (IRMC)


The Information Resource Management Council (IRMC) was created in August 1996 and was approved by the Committee of Deans. The purpose of the council is to develop information resource policy, to interpret it, and to provide a vehicle for change of that policy. All university policy related to information technology should be approved by the IRMC. All such policy will be a part of the university official/critical data and maintained centrally in an appropriate web site.

The council is comprised of representatives of all the major data creators and users on campus and includes members or advisors from the technical digital-data areas and from the legal community at the university. Members are selected from such constituent groups as the faculty (instructional and research perspectives), the administration (administrative data perspectives), the media (library, video, electronic publishing, and distance education), and from the students. A part-time staff position is provided. The membership on the committee serves for a three-year term.

Policy may be initiated by the committee or considered from interim policies or drafts from various information technology units on campus.

Activities of the IRMC have focused primarily on the development of university information technology policies. Policies have been approved regarding information technology usage, electronic mail, eligibility for obtaining K-State computing services, and the Internet and the World Wide Web. These policies can be accessed through the PPM as well as the VP-ITS web page. The Council has also been actively involved in developing the Regents intellectual property policy and related university policy. The policies have been placed on the VP-ITS web page for university access:

For more information about IRMC, contact Michael Haddock, chair of IRMC, at 532-7418, send e-mail to