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    Mission Statement
    To proactively represent the computing, communications, and information technology concerns of the faculty, staff, and students in visioning, policy setting, and strategic planning at the University level. To provide timely input, advice, and feedback to the Vice Provost for Academic Services and Technology (VPAST) on policy, proposals, implementation projects, and other information technology related issues. To be a catalyst within the University community in adapting technology to meet the mission of the University as the needs of the people of the State of Kansas evolve.


    Strategies for achieving this mission.
    Values: As an organization representing the interests of many groups and individuals...

    pawKSU Information Technology Advisory and Policy Structure.
    pawImportant Dates. Dates of meetings, sponsored events, and K-State Technology Calendar.
    pawCouncil Membership. Current and past members of CITAC.
    pawDocuments. Minutes and reports, both draft and completed, of council discussions and conclusions.
    pawReferences. Reference material, including reports from other organizations.

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    June 18, 2004