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Kansas State University


    Year 11

  • May 17, 2013 Dr. Jane Alcorn, University of Saskatchewan, “Implications of the Developmental Maturation and Nutrient Transporter Interactions in the Nursing Mother-Neonate Dyad”
  • Year 10

  • Nov 28, 2011 Dr. Nelson Horseman, University of Cincinnati, “Homeostasis and Homeorrhesis in the Mammary Glands”
  • April 17, 2012 Dr. Daniel W. Rosenberg, University of Connecticut Health Center, "Targeting the Prostaglandin Pathway for the Prevention of Colon Cancer"

    Year 9

  • Oct 18, 2010 Dr. Sheldon Miller, National Eye Institute, "Metabolism and Function at the Photoreceptor/RPE Interface: Lessons for Cell Based Therapies"
  • Jan 25, 2011 Dr. James C. Fleet, Purdue University, "Does High Vitamin D Status Prevent Prostate Cancer?"
  • May 18, 2011 Dr. Robert Bridges, Rosalind Franklin University, "Capitalizing on Compound Combinations for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis"
  • June 21, 2011 Dr. Barry Hinton, University of Virginia, School of Medicine, "Morphogenesis of the Developing Wolffian/Epididymal Duct: More Twists and Turns"

    Year 8

  • Sep 15, 2009 Dr. Jian-Xing Ma, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, “A New Pathogenic Mechanism for Diabetic Retinopathy and Age-related Macular Degeneration”
  • Oct 20, 2009 Dr. Donald Hilgemann, University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, “Massive Endocytosis Activated by Ca and Lipids”
  • Jan 12, 2010 Dr. Guofeng You, Rutgers University, “Regulation of Drug/Xenobiotic Transporters by Membrane Trafficking”
  • Mar 16, 2010 Dr. Nancy Carrasco, Yeshiva University, “The Sodium/Iodide Symporter (NIS): An Unending Source of Surprises”

    Year 7

  • May 20, 2009 Dr. Shmuel Muallem, University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, "Regulatory Mechanisms in Epithelial HCO3- Secretion by Secretory Glands"
  • Mar 31, 2009 Dr. Peggy Zelenka, National Eye Institute, “The Dual Role of Notch Signaling in Lens Differentiation”
  • Sep 30, 2008  Dr. Ray Frizzell, Univ of Pittsburgh,  "Wrestling with CFTR folding: SUMO enters the ring"
  • Nov 4, 2008 Dr. Alan Wells, Univ of Pittsburgh Medical Center, "Location, Location, Location --m-Calpain Localization during Cell Relocation"

    Year 6

  • Jul 23, 2007  Dr. Botond Banfi, Univ of Iowa,  “"Inner Ear Development and Antibacterial Host Defense: Surprising Overlaps”
  • Feb 27, 2008  Dr. Cristina Davis, Univ of California/Davis,  "Assaying Physiological Changes through Chemical Analysis of Exhaled Breath Condensate"
  • May 6, 2008  Dr. Thomas Kleyman, Univ of Pittsburgh,  "Regulation of Epithelial Sodium Channels by External Cues"
  • May 21, 2008  Dr. Eric Delpire, Vanderbilt University, “Cation-chloride Cotransporters, Chloride Homeostasis and Brain Hyperexcitability”
  • Jun 10, 2008  Dr. James Anderson, Univ of North Carolina, “Molecular Basis for Permselectivity of the Tight Junction”

    Year 5

  • Sep 26, 2006  Dr. Chou-Long Huang, University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School,   “WNK Kinases – A New Family of Protein Kinases of Which Mutations Cause Hypertension and Hyperkalemia”
  • Oct 04, 2006  Dr. Hanno Steen, Children's Hospital Boston,  “Cell Cycle Meets Proteomics”
  • Oct 17, 2006  Dr. Lawrence Palmer, Weill Medical College of Cornell University,  “Epithelial Na Channels and the Regulation of Renal Na Transport”
  • Dec 06, 2006  Dr. Mark Henkemeyer, University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School,  “Eph-Ephrin Bidirectional Signaling: At the Midline and Beyond”
  • Mar 19, 2007  Dr. Xi Lin, Emory University, School of Medicine,  “Functional Studies of Gap Junctions in the Cochlea Reveal Diverse Molecular Mechanisms and Rescue Strategies for Connexin-linked Deafness”
  • May 21, 2007  Dr. Ulrike Lodemann, Veterinary College of the Free University of Berlin, “Effects of Probiotics on Barrier Function and Transport Properties of Pig Jejunum”

    Year 4

  • Nov 22, 2005   Dr. Sunil David, University of Kansas,  “The Search for Anti-Endotoxin Drugs: Rational Design and Development of Lipopolysaccharide Sequestrants”
  • Nov 30, 2005   Dr. Terez Shea-Donohue, University of Maryland School of Medicine,   “Tales from the Crypts: Immune Mediated Changes in Gut Function”
  • Dec 12, 2005   Dr. William Picking, University of Kansas,  “The Use of a Type III Secretion System for Bacterial Communication with Eukaryotic Cells”
  • Dec 13, 2005   Dr. Peying Fong, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine,  “Can Mutation of the Epithelial Sodium Channel (ENaC) Cause Cystic Fibrosis (CF) like Disease?”
  • Jan 09, 2006   Dr. Caroline Sussman, Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine,  “ErbB4 in embryonic development: Implications for ErbB dimers in cell lineage and organ development”
  • Jan 19, 2006   Dr. Michael Romero, Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine,  “Electrogenic Na+ bicarbonate cotransporters in epithelia: physiology, evolution and human disease”
  • May 16, 2006   Dr. Seth Alper, Harvard Medical School,  “Anion Exchangers in Flux Put to the Acid Test”
  • May 18, 2006   Dr. Guido Zampighi, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA,  “Conical Tomography of a Chemical Synapse: Vesicles Docked to the Active Zone are Hemi-fused”
  • Jun 05, 2006   Dr. Holger Martens, Veterinary College of the Free University of Berlin,  “Transport of Mg2+, Na+ and K+ in the Rumen Epithelium: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications (Grass Tetany)”

    Year 3

  • Jul 12, 2004   Dr. Robert De Lisle, University of Kansas Health Center,  “Innate Immune Dysfunction and Bacterial Overgrowth in the Small Intestine of the Cystic Fibrosis Mouse”
  • Oct 20, 2004   Dr. Leslie M. Loew, University of Connecticut Health Center,   “InsP3-Dependent Calcium Release Analyzed with the Virtual Cell”
  • Nov 11, 2004   Dr. David Wood, University of South Alabama,  “Rickettsia prowazekii: A Little Genome Goes a Long Way”
  • Feb 10, 2005   Dr. Daniel Devor, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh,   “Understanding the Molecular Motifs Involved in the Regulation and Trafficking of the Ca2+-dependent K+ Channel, hIK1”
  • May 17, 2005   Dr. Walter Boron, Yale University School of Medicine,  “ Sniffing CO2: How the Renal Proximal Tubule Responds to Respiratory Acidosis”
  • Jun 16, 2005   Dr. Tomas Ganz, UCLA School of Medicine,  “Hepcidin, a Peptide Hormone at the Interface of Innate Immunity and Iron Metabolism”
  • Dec 13, 2005   Dr. Philine Wangemann, Kansas State University,  “The COBRE Confocal Microfluorometry and Microscopy Core” Special Seminar
  • May 10, 2005   Dr. Frederic Bancel, Institute of Neuroscience, Montpellier, France,   “Fluorescent Calcium Indicators: Old Probes, New Ways/New Probes…” Special Seminar

    Year 2

  • Oct 08, 2003   Dr. James Stockand, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio,   “Direct Activation of the Epithelial Na Channel (ENaC) by PIP2 and PIP3 Produced by Phosphatidylinositol-3 Kinase”
  • Dec 12, 2003   Dr. Carolina Barillas-Mury, National Institutes of Health,  “Reactive Oxygen Species: Their Role in Vectorial Capacity, Immunity and Fecundity of A. Gambiae”
  • Mar 19, 2004   Dr. Andrew Gewirtz, Emory University,   “Bacterial-epithelial-immune cell interactions in acute and chronic gut inflammation”
  • Mar 22, 2004   Dr. Robert Bridges, University of Pittsburgh,   “Regulation of Epithelial Sodium Transport by a Novel Extracellular Protease Mediated Mechanism”
  • May 19, 2004   Dr. David Dawson, Oregon Health & Science University,   “The CFTR Chloride Channel: Where Is the Pore and What's It Like Inside?”

    Year 1

  • Feb 14, 2003   Dr. Peter Snyder, University of Iowa Health Care,   “ Regulated Ubiquitination of the Epithelial Sodium Channel (ENaC)”
  • Mar 21, 2003   Dr. Joseph Hume, University of Nevada School of Medicine,   “ Re-evaluation of the Role of CIC-3 as a Volume-sensitive Outwardly Rectifying Chloride Channel”
  • Apr 29, 2003   Dr. Klaus Beyenbach, Cornell University,  “ Regulation of Tight Junction Permeability with Switch-like Speed”