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Kansas State University

Dr. Yoonseong Park

This is a photograph of Yoonseong Park   Dr. Yoonseong Park
  Assistant Professor
  Department of Entomology
  32 W.Waters Hall
  Phone: (785) 532-5763

Mentors :
Dr. Michael Kanost

  University Distinguished Professor
  Department of Biochemistry, Kansas State University

Dr. Klaus Beyenbach

  Professor of Physiology
  Department of Biomedical Sciences, Cornell University

Transepithelial Ion Transport in Mosquito Hindgut Controlled by Peptide Hormone:
We are studying the mechanisms of transepithelial ion transport in the hindgut epithelial cells of the African malaria mosquito Anopheles Gambiae and its control by the peptide hormone “ion transport peptide.” Molecular biology of this endocrine peptide and hindgut epithelial physiology will be studied. Our research will provide rational approaches to develop environmentally benign insecticidal compounds that help to control diseases carried by these mosquitos.