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Kansas State University

Dr. Sherry Fleming

This is a photograph of Sherry Fleming  Dr. Sherry Fleming
  Assistant Professor
  Department of Biology
  18A Ackert Hall
  Phone: (785) 532-6130

Mentor : Dr. Stephen Keith Chapes

TLR Expression Alters Ischemia-induced Intestinal Epithelial Damage:
This project focuses on the mechanism of intestinal damage in response to ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) events including heart attacks and strokes. Intestinal damage due to I/R events is mediated by components of the immune system. One group of molecules called toll-like receptors are candidates for involvement. The goal of this project is to understand the extent that toll-like receptors contribute to intestinal damage. The hypothesis is that specific toll-like receptors cause the intestinal inflammation associated with damage induced by I/R. These studies will provide critical data to improve our understanding of I/R injury.