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Kansas State University

Dr. Jishu Shi

This is a photograph of Dr. Jishu Shi  Dr. Jishu Shi
  PhD, Immunophysiology, Kansas State University, 1995
  MS, Veterinary Immunology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 1988
  DVM, Beijing Agricultural University, 1985
  Phone (785) 532-4506

Mentor : Frank Blecha, PhD

    University Distinguished Professor
    Associate Dean for Research, College of Veterinary Medicine
    Professor and Chairman, Department of Anatomy & Physiology
    Kansas State University

Role of IL-1 in Cancer Stem Cell Development and Cancer Recurrence

Tumor-initiating cells (TICs) possess stem-like properties and are responsible for the initiation and recurrence of gliomas. Elevated expression of TGF- and IL-1 has been associated with poor prognosis in high grade glioma patients. We have recently demonstrated that TICs can be induced from glioma cells by IL-1 and TGF-. Nestin-negative LN-229 monolayer glioma cells formed Nestin-positive spheres in the presence of IL-1 and TGF- under serum-free condition. The cytokine-induced spheres displayed stem cell markers (Nestin, Bmi-1, Notch-2 and LIF) and increased invasiveness, drug resistance, and oncogenic potential in vitro and in immunocompromised (nu/nu) mice: hallmarks of TICs. The objective this project is to investigate the molecular mechanisms of IL-1-TGF- cross-talk in TIC development. Specifically, we will determine the receptor requirements for cross-signaling, signaling interactions between IL-1 and TGF-, and the pathophysiological relevance of IL-1-TGF- cross-talk in cancer initiation and recurrence.