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Kansas State University

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is headed by the PI, Dr. Daniel C. Marcus. Dr. Marcus is assisted by the Grant Manager, Ginger Biesenthal. This core organizes and supports:

  • Formal mentoring meetings
  • COBRE Seminar Series seminars
  • External Advisory Committee meetings
  • Internal Advisory Committee meetings
  • Project Leader mini-sabbaticals
  • Visiting Scientist support (Cornell University)
  • Summer Veterinary Research Scholar support
  • Faculty Development Awards
  • Start-up fund supplements
  • College of Veterinary Medicine and supplement grants
  • National IDeA meetings
  • International Research Exchange (Free University of Berlin)
  • COBRE impact evaluation and NIH reporting
  • Grant planning and budget administration

The PI attends NCRR meetings in Bethesda, MD to confer with NCRR staff, and meets with regional & national IDeA program committees. COBRE Advisory Committees consider applications for funding from investigators at the participating universities and requests for additional common-use equipment or facilities.

Contact Donald Harbidge or Joel Sanneman to check out these items (; 785-532-4535)