The Kansas State chapter of Collegiate Music Educator’s National Conference (CMENC) is an organization dedicated to providing future music educators with experiences, resources, and materials that will guide them to success in their careers.  The chapter also travels to two music education workshops each year (please see our 2011-2012 Schedule).

K-State CMENC’s monthly chapter meetings feature speakers from a wide array of careers and experience in music education.  These speakers provide lectures to help our members be successful and knowledgeable upon graduation, giving them resources and contacts to help build them into top-notch instructors.

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"Music is about communication, creativity, and cooperation, and, by studying music in school, students have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from a new perspective."  
      ~Bill Clinton
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Need tutoring?

KSU CMENC provides free tutoring to any students taking music courses at K-State.  For questions or to find a tutor, contact our