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The McLaurin Research Laboratory

McLaurin Research Lab
Kansas State University
Department of Chemistry
323 CBC Building
Manhattan, KS 66506

Phone Numbers
Office: 785-532-6528
Lab: 785-532-6138
Fax: 785-532-6666
Email: mclaurin[at]ksu.edu

Assistant Professor McLaurin

Emily at desk with lattice


B.S. Chemistry Magna Cume Laude, University of California, San Diego (2005)
Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2011) 
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Washington (2011-2013)


Emily McLaurin joined the faculty at Kansas State University as an Assistant Professor in Chemistry in July 2013. A native Californian, she began her career in chemistry at UC San Diego obtaining a BS in chemistry. From there, she continued to MIT obtaining a PhD in inorganic chemistry with Dan Nocera synthesizing phosphors for oxygen sensing and coupling them to quantum dots. Her research in quantum dots and nanocrystals expanded to doped materials and optical temperature sensing during her postdoc with Daniel Gamelin at the University of Washington. Using her skills as an inorganic chemist, she currently studies the surface chemistry of semiconductor nanocrystals. In particular, she takes advantage of the interfaces between the nanocrystals and proteins, metals, or other semiconductors to construct optical sensors and devices for solar energy capture, conversion, and storage.