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The Aikens Research Laboratory

Aikens Research Group
Kansas State University
Department of Chemistry
213 CBC Building
1212 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506
Office: CBC 428

Phone Numbers
Office: 785-532-0954
Lab: 785-532-3189
Fax: 785-532-6666
Email: cmaikens@ksu.edu

Aikens Group Members

Principle Investigator

Prof. Aikens

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Fahri Alkan

Graduate Researchers

Dimuthu Weerawardene

Natalia Karimova

Ravithree Senanayake

Gowri Udayangani

Pratima Pandeya

Olivia Hull

Undergraduate Researchers

Marquix Adamson

Michael Henderson


Aikens Group Spring 2016


Pictured: Aikens and Liu Groups

(bottom row, from left) Natalia Karimova, Dimuthu Weerawardene, Andy Warner, Hannah Devore, Prof. Christine Aikens

(middle row, from left) Andre Clayborne, Amendra Fernando Hewa Dewage, Marquix Adamson

(top row, from left) Jia-Jun Tang (Liu group), Mike Just, Tim Manges, Nannan Shan (Liu group), Juliana Knopp, Ravithree Senanayake

Aikens Group 2014

Aikens Group

Pictured: Aikens and Liu Groups

(bottom row, from left) Emily Kinder, Emilie Guidez, Prof. Bin Liu (Chemical Engineering)

(middle row, from left) Brandon Dale, Natalia Karimova, Dimuthu Weerawardene, Amendra Fernando Hewa Dewage, Prof. Christine Aikens

(top row, from left) Song Liu (Liu group), Mingxia Zhou (Liu group), Ravithree Senanayake, Brian Barngrover, Tim Cobb, Tim Manges