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Department of Chemistry

Dr. Lou Wojcinski

Associate Teaching Professor


B.S. University of Akron (1989)
Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University (1999)

email: lmw2@ksu.edu
Office: CB 404
Office Phone: (785) 532-6036
Fax: (785) 532-6666



Courses Taught

CHM 110 - General Chemistry An introductory chemistry course intended for non-science majors and those students who need to strengthen their chemistry skills before pursuing a STEM major.  The course emphasizes group work and basic problem solving skills built around basic chemical principles and how those principles can be applied to real world problems.

CHM 200 - Frontiers in Chemistry A first year chemistry seminar for chemistry majors or those considering majoring in chemistry.  

CHM 351 - General Organic Chemistry Laboratory. An organic laboratory class for pre-professional (pre-med majors should enroll in CHM 532 and the associated lecture courses) and related majors.  This lab emphasizes inquiry, safety and scientific writing while teaching students basic organic laboratory skills.

CHM 532 - Organic Chemistry Lab An organic laboratory course usually taken by Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pre-Med and Pre-Pharmacy majors.  The lab emphasizes safety, scientific writing and inquiry.  

CHM 551 - Advanced Organic  Chemistry Lab An advanced organic laboratory course with an emphasis on complex multi-step reactions.  Students will spend a significant amount of class time on instrumentation and writing.


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