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Analytical Group Seminars

All seminars are on Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. in King 4, unless otherwise indicated.




February 8

Prof. Dr. Jun Li

Vertically aligned nanowire architecture for solar cells

February 15

Prof. Dr. Jianfa Ba

Application of PCR and microarray in molecular diagnostics

February 22

not available


March 1



March 8



March 15

Chen Lin

Stabilizing a Neutral Aromatic Ligand by Pi-Cation Interactions in mAbs

March 22

Spring Break

March 29

Eve Metto

Demonstration of Rapid single cell analysis on microfluidic devices

April 5

Jeremy Essner

Dye-sensitized solar cells: The electroanalytical comparison of the Gratzel cell to a novel TiO2 nanoneedle coated vertically aligned carbon nanofiber cell

April 12

Feng Li

Investigation of Electron Transport Through Ferrocene Moieties Covalently Linked to The Surface of PS-b-PMMA-Derived Nanopores

April 19

Bipin Pandey

Electrochemistry of Cytochrome C within PS-b-PMMA nanopores

April 26

Khanh Hoa Tran Ba

Nanoporous materials for applications in analytical chemistry

May 3

Seok Chan Park

Synthesis of ordered mesoporous thin films at the liquid-liquid interface