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Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges: Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

The complex global society of the future will require leaders with effective teamwork and communication skills. We need to prepare leaders of all ages so they contribute to a vibrant Kansas economy for years to come.

What we are doing

Guiding nearly 72,000 youth who participate in Kansas 4-H programs to apply leadership skills.

Adding value to our Kansas economy, Kansas 4-H members are twice as likely to attend college and pursue careers in science, engineering, and computer technology. They are also 3.4 times more likely to actively contribute to their communities.

Meeting needs of military youth and their families at Fort Riley, Fort Leavenworth, and McConnell Air Force Base through the Kansas Operation Military Kids (OMK) program. OMK helps develop community support for families when a member is deployed or reintegrating into the community.

Did You Know?


Why K-State Research and Extension can help find solutions for the challenges facing Kansans


We have

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