Using Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) to Monitor Crops Efficiently

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Field DayOne of the most exciting recent developments in agriculture is the use of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems to evaluate crop conditions. 

The use of these unmanned aircraft systems equipped with aerial optical sensing technology has gained national press attention in recent months. Kevin Price, K-State professor of agronomy and geography, and Deon van der Merwe, associate professor of veterinary medicine and head of the diagnostic laboratory toxicology section, are among the leading researchers in the nation on this technology. They are working to develop systems that can be used by the agricultural community.

“We’ve had an incredible reception among consultants, producers, plant breeders, and others when we’ve shown them what this technology can do. It has the potential to make their jobs much easier and will help them make better recommendations in a more timely manner,” Price said.

During a  field day at the Kansas State University’s Agronomy North Farm, Price showed what can be accomplished with small Unmanned Aircraft Systems.