Grand Challenges: Community Vitality

Rural, suburban, and urban communities throughout Kansas face many challenges with a variety of available resources. When citizens are encouraged to combine their experiences and skills to work together, everyone in the community benefits.

What we are doing

Improving communities through the Kansas PRIDE program, which reported 576 collaborative partnerships and 94,833 adult and youth volunteer hours worth more than $2 million.

Partnering with local communities, K-State Research and Extension staff live and work in every Kansas county and share expertise from the university's three campuses.

Training Extension Master Gardeners who donated more than 97,000 hours of service with a value of $1.7 million.

Helping communities of all sizes maintain necessary services, such as grocery stores, that hire locally and generate local sales tax.

Working directly with farmers, ranchers, and families to develop better financial management practices.

Did You Know?


Why K-State Research and Extension can help find solutions for the challenges facing Kansans


We have

  • a statewide network to share unbiased information,

  • expertise on topics important to Kansas, and

  • established local, state, regional, national, and international partnerships.