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Grand Challenges

From the Dean and Director

John Floros2014 saw the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Cooperative Extension Service, which is our partnership with the national government, all state and territorial land-grant universities, and local county governments. The Cooperative Extension Service uses an exemplary system to share new research and knowledge with the citizens of Kansas, the United States, and the world.

Extension activities are conducted by dedicated faculty, staff, and volunteers in local offices across our great state and nation.K-State Research and Extension is a success story we must continue to celebrate for the next 100 years.

2015 sees us moving forward to address five grand challenges that directly or indirectly affect all Kansans: global food systems, water, health, developing tomorrow's leaders, and community vitality.

We aren't going to solve these challenges alone. By developing partnerships within Kansas, across the United States, and internationally, we are educating and working with the next generation of students, scientists, and extension educators. The new ideas and knowledge developed through research and shared by extension will be used to solve the five grand challenges.

Our statewide system trains several thousand volunteers in 4-H, Master Gardeners, Master Food Volunteers, lawn and crop consultants, and community leaders. We impact the lives of Kansas citizens ­— young and old and in many walks of life — each and every year.

As you read the articles and view the videos on this site, please reflect on our accomplishments and join us as we look toward building a successful tomorrow for Kansas. I am sure it will be a challenging but productive journey.

John D. Floros, Dean, College of Agriculture, and Director, K-State Research and Extension

Our Mission

We are dedicated to a safe, sustainable, competitive food and fiber system and to strong healthy communities, families, and youth through integrated research, analysis, and education.

Our Vision

By 2025, K-State Research and Extension will be one of the world's top destinations for education, research, and extension.