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Career and Employment Services

CES Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Policy Overview

Career & Employment Services (CES) at Kansas State University is committed to providing exceptional services for K-State students, alumni and employers. Our commitment includes respecting your right to privacy. We also want you to understand your obligations in using our services. This policy statement has been developed to let you know about the uses of your personal information, who has access to your data, the information security measures of our online system and our principles of conduct for the use of CES services.

Privacy Issues

Via our Web site at www.k-state.edu/ces, students and alumni have the option to create "My CES Account" for job/internship searching. Employers create a CES account to search for potential applicants, post jobs, register for career fairs and manage on-campus interviews. The web-based system for managing your CES account uses SSL encryption across the entire system for secure data transmission. The off-campus data center is well protected and fire-walled for added security. Students' personal information (which may include your name, address, e-mail address and other resume information) stored in the system is not shared with any individuals or organizations outside of CES unless you have authorized us to do so as dictated by FERPA guidelines. Authorization is requested before your CES account is activated and made available to employing organizations. For university reporting purposes, some post-graduation data is shared with academic and administrative units of Kansas State University.

Jobs posted in the system may or may not be reviewed by CES staff before posting. Individuals are urged to validate job postings and use caution and common sense when applying online. Do not disclose social security numbers, credit card information or bank account numbers to unknown individuals.

Individual Conduct

All student, alumni and employer clients using CES services are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner throughout their job/candidate search process. This includes providing truthful and accurate information in your CES account. Students who provide false information to any university official or office are in violation of the Student Code of Conduct at Kansas State University. Misconduct or misuse of your CES account may result in the filing of a student conduct complaint and/or discontinuation of access to CES services.

Career & Employment Services is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). As a NACE member, CES supports and affirms the association's Principles of Conduct for Career Services ProfessionalsEmployment Professionals and Third-Party Recruiters. Employers providing false information or not complying with K-State's non-discrimination policy will be denied access and continued use of CES services. Additional policies for employers are posted at www.k-state.edu/ces.

How to Remove Your Information

If you would like to have your personal information deleted from our online system, opt out of emails from the online system, or have any questions regarding this policy, please email us at ces@ksu.edu, call us at 785-532-6506 or stop by Holtz Hall.