Prepare for Interviews

Interview preparation

Information to help you prepare and succeed in the interview process including tips from recruiters, dress for success, and dining etiquette.

Video with Insights from the Mind of the Interviewer


Video of workshop presented by recruiters from Cerner Corporation, Fall 2009.

The Behavioral Interview

Video archive of presentation by Cerner Corporation, Fall 2005 (requires installation of RealPlayer on your computer).

Winning Interviews (PDF)

Workshop presentation given by CES staff with how to win during an interview.

Resources for Interviewing

Interview Guide

The interview is a critical aspect of a successful job search. CES has compiled sample questions and suggestions of what to do before, during, and after the interview. 

Mock Interview Clinics

Each year nearly 50 employers visit campus to assist students in honing their interview skills. This is a way to obtain valuable interview feedback from recruiters.

Interview Workshops

Attend an Interview Workshops on campus facilitated by CES advisors or company recruiters. You can also view an online workshop or view a PowerPoint presentation.

Career Advising

The CES advising staff is available to assist students with preparing for interviews and polishing those hard to answer questions. Appointments are available year-round.


InterviewStream is an online mock interview tool via your CES account. Record yourself performing a practice interview and then review your responses to gage langth, quality of your response, "umms"/"likes", or nonverbal communication. If you wish, you may set up an appointment with your CES advisor for a one-on-one review of your interview.

Interviewing Information

Tips for successfully interviewing from

Dining Etiquette Workshop

Typically, a Dining Etiquette Workshop is held once per semester (fall and spring only). Dining Etiquette Preparation Brochure (PDF).

Video presentation of annual Dining Etiquette dinner hosted by K-State faculty/staff, Fall 2004 (requires installation of RealPlayer on your computer).

  • Chapter 1: Etiquette including cell phone use, wait staff interaction, handling mishaps.
  • Chapter 2: Dining etiquette about passing food items, buffet service, placement of attire/accessories, pasta.
  • Chapter 3: Proper way to handle menu service, use of silverware, eating and conversing, more mishaps.
  • Chapter 4: Dining etiquette including seating, alcohol/beverage decision, tipping.