Social Media and your Online Presence

Online Presence and Reputation

What is your online presence saying about you? How you portray yourself online can impact your employment opportunities and career. Here are some tips to create and keep your professional online presence.

Be Proactive - Increase your professional online presence by building visibility. 

  • Utilize professional social media sites such as LinkedIn
  • Create a professional website, blog or e-portfolio
  • Join online groups in your career field

Be Alert - Search yourself online and see what is out there.  Try more than one search engine as well as

Be Professional - Clean up your social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


Professional social media site where you create a professional profile that allows you to job search, network /connect with other professionals, alumni, organizations, and be visible to recruiters pro-actively recruiting for various openings. Check out these video tutorials to help you build that professional profile.

Key items for a LinkedIn Profile
  1. Upload a professionally appropriate photo
    • Headshot of you by yourself
    • Appropriate clothing
    • Simple background
  2. Create a smart headline that describes you professionally.  This is your slogan for your professional brand.
  3. Write a short summary about who you are and what you want to become
  4. Enter your work and education history
  5. Request recommendations from others
Are You Linked In? Presentation, Fall 2013

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An informal social media site where you can connect with friends, family, co-workers, and organizations.  Your profile picture and information you post provide a quick snap shot of you to a potential employer.   Here are some tips to keep in mind regarding your Facebook profile.

  1. Customize your Privacy Settings
  2. Keep photos appropriate
    • Avoid photos that display drinking, illegal, wild, or crazy behavior, promiscuity, suggestive poses or revealing clothing.
  3. Be careful what you post
    • Avoid foul language
    • Refrain from gossip and negative remarks about others and especially your place of employment
  4. Be aware of what you share or "Like"
    • Controversial topics, organizations and affiliations can give a negative impression


A fast paced, high energy social media site where many conversations are happening at once.  This is a good place to keep informed about trending topics in your area of interest.  Employers are using Twitter to post jobs so a professional profile is important.  Here are some tips to create a professional profile for networking and job searching.

How to Use Twitter for Professional Networking

Use Twitter for Your Job Search

Key items for a professional Twitter profile
  1. Choose a professional Twitter handle
    • Use your name or a combination of your name and profession
    • Keep it simple and easy to remember (JaneSmith or MarketingExpertJaneSmith)
  2. Upload a professionally appropriate photo
    • Headshot of you by yourself
    • Appropriate clothing
    • Simple background
  3. Write a short description that is professional and indicates your career field.
  4. Link to your professional website such as LinkedIn or an ePortfolio (optional).

Your e-Reputation

Find out what an e-reputation is, why it matters, what employers are looking for and how you can manage your e-reputation.