On-Campus Interview Guide

On-Campus Interviews are designed to allow employers access to a wealth of K-State talent while providing you with great interview opportunities, without ever leaving campus!

On-Campus Interview Process

  • You must activate your CES account to sign up for on-campus interviews.
  • You will need to login to your CES account to request and sign up for on-campus interviews.
  • Preselect schedules comprise the majority of interview opportunities at K-State.
    • Students have an equal opportunity to request an interview.
    • The request and signup follows a pre-determined schedule.
  • Open schedules comprise very few interview opportunities at K-State.
    • You must meet specific criteria specified by the employer to sign up for open schedules (ie: major, GPA, etc).
    • You can sign up immediately for interview timeslots for these schedules.
On-Campus Interview User Guides