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Career and Employment Services

Business & Engineering Mock Interview Clinic

Monday, September 21, 2015, Alumni Center

Participation Instructions and Guidelines

A mock interview consists of a 20 minute professional interview with one or more company representatives followed by a 10 minute critique session.

Activate your “My CES Account”
  • Go to www.k-state.edu/ces
  • Click on students- go to login: My CES Account
  • Enter your K-State eID and password
  • Verify and complete your profile information
Upload Your Resume
  • Go to My Account and click on My Documents
  • Under resume click on upload file
  • Browse to choose your resume file (Word or PDF file only)
  • Click upload
Apply for a Mock Interview
  • Go to On-Campus Interviews- and click on “My Interview schedule options (apply)”
  • Click on "Advanced Search" (next to the green search button)
  • Search by 9/21/15 to 9/21/15 (date in both date boxes)
  • Click on job title of company you want to interview with
  • Click on Sign up at the top of the page
  • Click sign up next to the time you want to interview
  • Choose your resume to submit
  • Click save
  • You will now have an interview. There will not be a confirmation email sent; remember your interview times.

Coordinating Committee