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LEAD 399 - Internships for Career Development

Facilitated by K-State Career and Employment Services (CES)

Internships for Career Development (LEAD 399 beginning Spring 2016, formerly LEAD 502) is designed particularly for undergraduate students who do not have credit-bearing internship courses available through their academic department or college. It provides students with the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge, skills and understanding to structured work experiences as developing professionals. This course incorporates an internship experience with self-directed analysis to develop personal and academic competencies.

By taking this course, students will receive credit for participating in an internship and/or co-op experience in their area of interest. Facilitated via K-State Online (KSOL), the course will include readings, reflections and assignments designed to enhance the career-related experience of the student. It may be taken pass/fail as a stand-alone course for one-hour of academic credit. This way, your academic accomplishments will be reflected on your transcript. Enrollment in this class also provides the benefits associated with Continued Student Status.

Enroll in Internships for Career Development Course by completing the request permission to enroll in LEAD 399 survey.

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