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Career and Employment Services

Graduate School Tips & Resources

Locating a Graduate School


Comprehensive online services of graduate school information.


Site can help you find colleges and universities in U.S. and Canada that offer accredited graduate programs of interest you.


Online assistance to guide your grad school search, Master's vs. Ph.D. options, assistance for personal statement, and entrance exams including full-length practice exams.

Tips to get accepted to grad & professional school


Offers helpful blog, eCourses, sample essays, writing tips, application interview questions database, online chats with admissions officials, etc. Also provides fee-based admissions consulting and application essay editing service.

Grad School Tips

If you’re thinking of applying for grad school, here are some ideas for you to consider that may improve your chances of geting accepted.

How to Get into Graduate and Professional School (PDF)

Manual of tips and information outlining the entire graduate school process from Capital University.

Tips for Getting into Graduate School

Scroll down the page to see a large number of available links and resources to review as you apply for graduate school.

Scholarships & Financing

Federal Student Aid

Information from the U.S. Department of Education on preparing funding education. Topics include Federal Student Aid programs, Applying for Financial Aid, Repaying Loans, etc.

Fast Web

Free search to search for $3 billion in available scholarships based upon location, student/ professional status, year of program, etc.


Scholarship, loan, savings, military aid and other types of aid is outlined on this site. Includes loan calculator and instructions about financial aid forms.