Dress to Impress

Learn what the experts say will impress employers and make a great first impression.

Business suits are still the interview standard. Find more tips on attire for interviewing. Let your skills and positive attitude be memorable to the employer - not poor grooming or unprofessional attire!

Dress to Impress

Video presentation provides information on what to wear for career fairs and interviews, Fall 2006 (video requires installation of RealPlayer on your computer).

Career Fair Attire

Business casual attire is appropriate for the K-State career fair. Business casual for men means slacks or khakis with a dress shirt. A tie is recommended for a professional appearance. Business casual for women is widely defined but dress slacks or a simple skirt with a button-down shirt are good choices. Comfortable, closed-toe shoes are advisable. For both men and women, accessories should be kept to a minimum.

For Women

For Men

How to Tie a Tie

Website with videos on how to tie four different types of knots, the appropriate length of the tie, and other job interview dress tips.