Continued Student Status

Continued student status provides eligibility for enrollment benefits that are typically associated with 6 or more credit hours. CSS is only available with enrollment in an approved departmental internship course or the CES internship course. 

Benefits of CSS

  • Deferring student loans
  • Continuing eligibility for scholarships and financial aid upon return to campus
  • Continued eligibility for health care coverage
  • Using the health center, rec services, and your student ID (with payment of student fees)
  • Maintaining eID for enrollment purposes and email access
  • Documenting internship experiences on a transcript

 Student Requirements for CSS

  • Enrollment in an approved departmental or CES internship course for academic credit
  • Current enrollment as a K-State Student
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Completion of 12 credit hours at Kansas State University

 Student Request Process for CSS

  • Enroll in an approved departmental or CES internship class
  • Complete this online request form by the first day of the academic semester for the internship