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Career and Employment Services

Education On-Campus Interviews Timeline and Instructions for Students


This event will bring school districts from Kansas and other states to recruit candidates for prospective and/or vacant teacher or administrative positions. December 2015, May 2016 and August 2016 graduates are all strongly encouraged to attend. Alumni are also welcome - please contact Alison at 785-532-6508 for more information.

Interview Schedules

All interested candidates who MATCH the employer's criteria (teaching fields) can choose an interview time.  Please review the deadlines carefully.

  • Student sign-up for interviews begins 2/2/16
  • Student sign-up for interviews ends at midnight on 3/2/16

Interview Sign up

Activate Your CES Account

To be able to sign-up you must have an active account with CES.

Steps to Sign-up for Interviews
From your CES account welcome page:
  • Highlight the On-Campus Interviews menu item
  • Click My Schedule Options (apply)
  • Click on Advanced Search (next to the green search button)
  • Search by 3/7/16 to 3/7/16 in both date boxes
  • Click on the purple arrow next to Schedule ID and sort by Organization Name, then look for the districts you are interested in
  • Click on the Job Title (Education On-Campus Interviews)
  • Click on the purple "sign up" Box at top > select interview time
  • If the purple "sign up" button is not there, the schedule is full, although the schedule may still be active and you can see it. You may stop by the district's table between 8:30-10 AM on March 7 to sign up for an interview if the district is accepting interviews.
  • Questions or problems, contact Alison at 785-532-6508