CES account guide

Use your CES account throughout your K-State career to search for part-time jobs as a freshman, find internships as a sophomore or junior and get connected with full-time employment opportunities as a graduating senior.

This quick guide will help you get started using your CES account. Please contact a member of the CES staff if you need further assistance.


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My Account

Employer Directory

Job Search

On-Campus Interviews

Career Fairs & Events



  • Go to the CES homepage >Students >Login: my CES account(under quicklinks).
  • At the K-State sign in page, enter your K-State eID and password.


Use the menu bar to navigate HomeMy AccountEmployer DirectoryJob SearchOn-Campus InterviewsCareer Fairs & Events, and additional CES Resources.

  • Hover over each menu option to select it or for the dropdown box to appear to select additional options.



Your CES account homepage includes a welcome Memo with instructions, Announcements with helpful tips and upcoming events,Quick Links and a Calendar to help you manage your job search activity.

  • Note that the Quick Links section has a place for you to save customized job searches so they are available with the click of a button. New jobs meeting your saved search criteria will appear as they are available in the system. You can also choose to have jobs meeting your criteria emailed to you!



The first time you login to the system, you will be presented with a profile screen to review and complete.

Review your personal information. Click on the [Edit] link to make any changes.


Complete your demographic information. Click on the [Edit] link to complete or 
make changes.


Complete the additional information. Click on the [Edit] link to make changes.


Submit your Profile by clicking the [Continue] button at the top or bottom 
of the screen.


You will be asked to verify your release of information. You will only need to do this once.


Be sure to upload your resume under "My Account" > "My Documents" so 
that you can apply for jobs online and sign-up for on-campus interviews.



Search the employer database for contact information by company name or industry type.



Search the database for jobs matching specific criteria such as keywords, company name, majors, state, city, part-time/full-time/internships, and job categories.

If you find your job search results display too few or too many listings, click on the change criteria button and select more or fewer criteria. When you click on save search, you have the option to have jobs meeting your search criteria emailed to you.



Apply for interviews with employer recruiting at K-State b selecting On-Campus Interviews >My Interview Schedule Options. Click on the Job Title to "Request an Interview".



Use the Search Employers under Action to target employers recruiting specific majors and for specific types of positions (full-time, internship), etc. View employer profiles and find out more about the positions for which they are recruiting.



Career and Employment Services offers many other tools for your job search via the web and in-person.