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Career and Employment Services

Partner with CES 

Assist a Student

Learn about K-State's resources to assist students with career-related issues.

Refer an Employer

Learn how CES can assist employers in hiring K-Staters and who key points of contact are on the CES employer relations team.


Learn more about academic-based and non-credit internship options for students.

Career Closet

Support K-State students by donating professional attire to Career Closet.

Schedule a Presentation

CES advisors are available to present on career-related topics for your classes or student organizations. Career advisors can also customize presentations to your group's needs or career fields. Complete the speaker request form or contact your CES advisor directly to schedule a presentation.

Student Employee of the Year

The purpose of the Student Employee of the Year Award program is to recognize and reward those students that go above and beyond to make exemplary contributions to the K-State community. 

Supervisors, including faculty and staff, are encouraged to honor their outstanding student employees by nominating them for this award.