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Career and Employment Services

Assist a student 

To refer students to the appropriate campus service, it is important to understand the types of resources each service can best provide.

Career and Employment Services

Career and Employment Services provides employment training and connections for students and alumni seeking volunteer, part-time, intern, co-op, or full-time positions. You may refer a student to schedule an appointment with a career advisorattend a workshop, or participate in a career event. For more specific information, contact your college's career advisor.

Academic and Career Information Center

Academic Career and Information Center (ACIC) provides career-related services designed to assist students in choosing or changing a major and/or career goal and planning an educational path. Services include career assessments and a career resource library.

University Counseling Services

University Counseling Services provides short-term, focused counseling and resources to currently registered K-State students in areas of decision-making, adjustment, and matters of personal concern.