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Career and Employment Services

Planning On-Campus Interviews

Establish an Interview Date

Business and Industry Recruiters

Please contact Debbie Owens, On-Campus Interview Coordinator, at 785-532-1681 to schedule an interview date.

Education Recruiters

Please contact Alison Sotkovski, Area Assistant, at 785-532-6508 regarding Spring Education On-Campus Interviews.

Consider K-State's Calendar

Consider K-State campus holidays and breaks when determining your recruiting schedule.

Determine Interview Schedule Type

Closed/Pre-Select Interview Schedule

Candidates request interviews and you pre-select candidates you wish to interview. Contact Career and Employment Services at least three weeks prior to your on-campus interview date.

Open Interview Schedule

All candidates meeting your criteria (ie: academic major, graduation date) may sign up for interviews. You do not have the option to pre-screen interview candidates. Contact Career and Employment Services at least one week (three weeks preferred) prior to your on-campus interview date.

Submit Interview Arrangements

Complete job listing and interview arrangement information using your CES account .

Review Pre-Selection Deadlines

Pre-Selection on-campus interviews typically span a 3-week period. Once an interview date has been established, your specific timeline can be viewed via your CES account.

Conduct Employer Information Sessions

Create awareness and excitement among K-State students for your organization by hosting an information session.

Campus Parking

Find information for parking on campus.

Planning Travel to Campus

Find information for visiting K-State, including accommodations, maps, events, and weather.

Conduct Interviews

Come to Holtz Hall and report to the Reception Desk. We will provide you with a packet of resumes of your interviewees and escort you to your interview room.