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Career and Employment Services

My CES Account Guide

We trust that your CES account will allow you to easily manage your K-State recruiting efforts. A quick guide to your CES account follows. Please contact our employer relations team if you need further assistance.

Student Search
Interview Schedules
Career Fairs and Events

My CES Account login

New Employers
  • Go to CES homepage >Employers >New Employer Registration
  • Click on "Click here to register!"
  • Complete your company and contact profiles and submit to Career and Employment Services
  • Once your account is activated, you will be able to login with your Username and Password
Registered Employers
  • Go to CES homepage >Employers >Login: my CES account
  • Type your Username and Password
  • Click on "forgot your password?" if needed



Menu bar

The menu bar of a user with full access provides links to My Profile, Student Search, My Jobs, Interview Schedules, and Resources

  • Hover over each menu option to select it or for the dropdown box to appear to select additional options




Your CES account homepage includes a welcome Memo with instructions, Announcements with helpful tips and upcoming events, I want to ... and a Calendar to help you manage your recruiting activity




You can view and edit your profile by clicking on the My Profile menu. Click the [Edit] link to make changes to your contact information



Student Search

You can search and view K-State student profiles by clicking on the Student Search menu

  • Enter your search criteria and click the Search button at the bottom of the page



After clicking the Search button, your student search results will appear

  • To view the student's profile and resume individually, click on the student's first or last name
  • To create a student resume packet, click Create Packets



My Jobs

You may view your previously listed jobs or create a new job

  • To view details of the job posting, click on the Job ID or the Job Title
  • To create a new job, select New Job under My Jobs on the menu bar.         
    • When you save the job, it will automatically be sent to our jobs coordinator for activation



Interview Schedules

View or Create New Interview Schedules

You may view an existing interview schedule or create a new interview schedule request from the Interview Schedules menu

  • To view details of the schedule, click on the Schedule ID or the Job Title

Schedule Types

  • PreSelect: Involves an employer screening process.         
    • Students who meet the requirements can submit an interview request.
    • Then you make decisions on interview candidates.
    • Accepted students sign up for interviews.
    • You may also select alternate candidates
  • Open: Involves a system screening process.         
    • Students who meet the requirements can sign up for an interview



Career Fairs and Events

Click on Career Fairs and Events on the menu bar to view and register for events

  • To view details of career events, click on the name of the event
  • Click on Register under Action to complete and submit your online registration