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Career and Employment Services

Learn about CES

CES Account

Learn about CES' web-based job search program. See how it can help you search and apply for jobs and connect you with employers.

Career Advising

Recent alumni (less than one year out) should contact CES advisors for job search assistance. Experienced alumni (more than one year out) should contact alumni career services for job search assistance.

Workshops and Events

CES offers workshops and events throughout the year.

Career Fairs

CES hosts several top-notch career fairs to give students the opportunity to explore employment options with a variety of employers. See Career Fair dates and how to prepare.

Job Listings

Learn about the job listings CES offers, including part-time positions, internships and co-ops, and full-time career positions.

Credential Services

CES can provide resources to help you manage a credential file to be sent to schools or educational institutions to which you apply. Find out whether credentials could benefit you, as well as how to start and maintain a file.

Helpful Resources and Websites

Find links and information from top career websites to help you research, network, and negotiate your way to a successful career.

Contact Information for CES

Find contact information for Career and Employment Services (CES).