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Career and Employment Services

Welcome Alumni!

Career and Employment Services offers career advising, career training, employer connections, part-time/full-time job listings online, and other employment resources for K-State students and recent graduates. Experienced alumni may take advantage of Alumni Career Services which are offered in partnership with the K-State Alumni Association.

About CES

Learn about the free services available for recent graduates through Career and Employment Services.

About Alumni Career Services

Take advantage of career services specifically designed with experienced alumni in mind. Our partnership with the K-State Alumni Association features career consultation, online resources, and more.

Career Development

Review tips and advice to help you explore careers, build a resume, prepare for interviews, and build a network.

Resumes and Interviews

Find tools and resources to create an effective resume and achieve success in interviews.


Find information on full-time employment and tips and resources for your job search.

Credential Services

CES has partnered with Interfolio to provide resources to help you manage a credential file to be sent to schools or educational institutions to which you apply. Find out how to start and maintain a file.

Partner with CES

Learn how you can partner with CES to meet your students' career-related needs.