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Center for Engagement and Community Development

Hispanic/Latina health partnership


Based on research findings from a 2007 K-State study on health in the Hispanic/Latino population in southwest Kansas, this partnership focuses on providing valuable health need information to Hispanic/Latino communities, translating health and exercise guidebooks and research reports into Spanish, and advocating support for Hispanic/Latino health among key community leaders, stakeholders, and policy makers. A 2010 bilingual report reviewed existing health statistics and data at the community, state, and national levels and reported the Hispanic community members' perceptions of health and health behaviors of from data obtained via surveys and interviews. The continued relationship between several K-State departments and the southwest Kansas community ensures further research and strategies to improve health information among the Hispanic/Latino community.




Elizabeth Fallon, (785)-532-7287, efallon@ksu.edu

Program Partners:

K-State Center for Engagement and Community Development; the Sunflower Foundation of Kansas; Mexican American Health Ministries (Garden City, KS); Liberal Coalition for Families; the Community Health Coalition and Community Services of Garden City; the parks and recreation departments of Garden City, Doge City and Liberal, KS; the Western Kansas Community Foundation; the Catholic Diocese of Doge City

Institutional Impact Area(s):

K-State Dept. of Kinesiology; K-State Research and Extension Family and Consumer Sciences


Hispanic and Latino individuals living in micropolitan areas in southwest Kansas


C. Peter Magrath Award Finalist; Children, Youth, and Family (non-school related); Health and Health Care; Public Understanding and Adult Training; College of Arts and Sciences; K-State Research and Extension