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Center for Engagement and Community Development

Project EXCELL (Extending College Education for Lifelong Learning)


excellProject EXCELL provides individuals with developmental disabilities and opportunity to experience college life through a variety of K-State-based classes such as sign language, music and dance, and vocational exploration. These half-day programs offer young adults with mild developmental disabilities age 18 and over a college-like experience that might not otherwise be available to them. Additionally, through the collaboration of K-State community and special education programs, Project EXCELL engages K-State student Ambassadors who serve as peer models to the Project's attendees. Project EXCELL was the recipient of the 2010 University Professional and Continuing Education Association's Central Region Innovative Program Award.


Fall and Spring semesters


Warren J. White, (785) 532-6349, wwhite@k-state.edu
Linda Teener, (785) 539-8763, lteener@k-state.edu

Program Partners:

USD 383 Manhattan; USD 475 Geary County; USD 379 Clay Center; USD 364 Marysville; USD 320 Wamego; Central Kansas Cooperative Salina; Big Lakes Developmental Center and Twin Valley Developmental Center; Department of Vocational Rehabilitation; UFM Community Learning Center

Institutional Impact Area(s):

College of Arts & Sciences; K-State Student Ambassadors; K-State Division of Continuing Education


School districts


C. Peter Magrath Award Finalist; Public Understanding and Adult Training; College of Education