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Center for Engagement and Community Development

Community Economic Development Program


cedThe CED program provides community leaders with reliable analysis and research findings relating to local economic performance. Staff professionals facilitate community-wide discussion of major issues and assist in the development of a shared vision for community and economic development. Facilitators help communities assess their strengths and weaknesses, form action groups and design action plans to address a variety of economic and quality of life issues. The CED program also offers a variety of specialized research reports such as retail trade analysis, economic impact studies, economic and demographic situation and trends and other types of technical analyses geared toward better understanding industry performance, economic policies and events, and prospective economic development strategies.




Biswa Das, 785-532-1514


Community Economic Development Program

Program Partners:

K-State Research and Extension Office of Local Government; K-State Department of Agricultural Economics; Participating Kansas communities

Institutional Impact Area(s):

K-State Research and Extension; K-State Department of Agricultural Economics


Kansas communities


Community and Economic Development; College of Agriculture