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Center for Engagement and Community Development

Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI)


AMI exists to advance technologies, people, and companies through collaborative engineering and business partnerships. AMI's model, similar to a teaching hospital, is to mentor engineering and business students while completing projects that improve the competitiveness of technology-based businesses. Since 1995, AMI has completed more than 2,500 industry projects with more than 500 client organizations located in 66 Kansas counties. During the last five years, AMI has contracted with 111 unique clients (21 were inventor/entrepreneurs and 19 were businesses in a start-up phase). Through its projects with entrepreneurs and existing businesses, AMI generates positive economic impact throughout the state of Kansas and beyond. In the last five years AMI's efforts resulted in the creation of 702 new jobs, 118 retained jobs, $186M in increased sales, and $665K in reduced costs (Source: reported by KTEC from an approximate 20 percent sample survey of projects with a 53 percent survey response rate). In 2009, AMI worked on 61 R&D projects for 36 different companies and two university departments, and completed 67 technical assistance projects for 43 external clients and 20 technical assistance projects for 8 K-State clienairlockts during FY 2009. Also in 2009, AMI began working with KDOC and the Great Plains Wind Network to increase the volume of Wind Energy equipment components manufactured in Kansas.




Jeff Tucker, 785-532-3421, jtucker@amisuccess.com


AMI Engineering Success

Program Partners:

Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation; Kansas Department of Commerce; Great Lakes Wind Network

Institutional Impact Area(s):

K-State College of Engineering


Technology-based businesses throughout Kansas; Economic Development District Agents; state economic development agents


Business and Industrial Development; Community and Economic Development; Science and Technology; College of Engineering